Welcome to 4cRisk.

Established in 2006, 4cRisk has been a solutions provider to the industrial sector for over 6 years, supporting projects throughout construction and operational phases, with the development, planning and implementation of medical screening, compliance systems and providing all risk mitigation services in relation to employee health.

Occupational Medicine Services

Dr Burke, also provides occupational physician services drawing on his long association with both heavy industry and the oil and gas sector. Dr Burke regularly travels to regional centres to provide a “roving” clinic service.

4cRisk provides health assessment services (eg pre-employment, pre-placement, periodic medicals) aimed at ensuring workers are not exposed to unacceptable risk whilst performing their work required. more >>>

Health Risk

4cRisk provides consultancy services to assist your organization to develop an integrated health risk management systems across your business.

We can assist you in the development of the policies, procedures and manuals to support your health risk management system and assist in the implementation of your system. more >>>