Occupational Medicine Services

  •     Occupational Physician services
  •     Nominated Medical Advisor
  •     Health Assessment services
  •     Toxicology and development of exposure standards
  •     Health surveillance
  •     Health surveys
  •     Health Promotion
  •     Travel and Expatriate Health

Dr Nicholas Burke, occupational physician, is 4cRisk’s designated Nominated Medical Advisor (NMA). Dr Burke is a director of 4cRisk Pty Ltd and director of 4cRisk (NSW) Pty Ltd in New South Wales.

Dr Burke, also provides occupational physician services drawing on his long association with both heavy industry and the oil and gas sector. Dr Burke regularly travels to regional centres to provide a “roving” clinic service.

4cRisk provides health assessment services (eg pre-employment, pre-placement, periodic medicals) aimed at ensuring workers are not exposed to unacceptable risk whilst performing their work required.

We provide advice in relation to exposure standards for the management of specific hazards in your business. In addition to this health surveillance services can be provided to ensure that your workers’ health is not adversely affected as a result of performing their duties and to monitor exposure to chemical or physical agents. When exposures do occur Dr Burke is able to provide management protocols to address the related health issues.

4cRisk can carry out health surveys within your organization incorporating the Work Ability Index, taking into consideration the demands of work and the workers’ health status. This can assist your business to plan for the effects of your aging workforce.

Provision of travel and expatriate health services. These programs are overseen by Dr Burke who has extensive experience in the management of expatriate health, particularly in relation to tropical health issues.