Your Provider for Workplace Flu Vaccination Programs

4cRisk runs Flu Vaccination Programs for clients during March through to July each year. 4cRisk have a team of immunization endorsed personnel who are able to deliver services within the workplace. 

Our staff are able to provide basic health checks as a part of the program, either as a component of an ongoing health promotion campaign or as a one-off service to your staff.


Why Vaccinate?

About 20% of Australians are affected by influenza each year (Dugdale, 2007), so it’s likely that at least some of your employees will be affected in the coming flu season. Influenza can be debilitating – not only for individuals who catch it and their families – but also for the organisations they work for.

People with flu may need to take up to six days off work – which can impact on their productivity during and after the episode. This can be compounded considering the infectious nature of the flu and the number of workers who may be affected as a result of flu circulating through a workplace. Further, reaction times are cut by 20–40% in people with flu, which can increase the probability of error or injury. There are many benefits to onducting an onsite corporate flu vaccination program for your employees, including the likelihood of reduced sick days and a smaller negative impact on workplace productivity. 

The good news for corporations is that vaccinating healthy adult workers can reduce the number of employee sick days and has been shown to be a cost saving for companies across a range of industries. Workplace vaccination programs are estimated to result in a significant return on investment, particularly during a severe influenza season or pandemic. The best time to vaccinate is in the autumn, before the actual outbreak in winter.