4cRisk are able to provide clients with services in relation to the establishment of heat stress monitoring programs. Our programs utilize a number of bio-metric markers to determine the physiological effects of the work environment on your staff and the most efficient ways to manage these effects.

  • Set up heat monitoring systems on site to provide data related to current heat exposure risk
  • Assistance with development of Working in Heat procedure based on your site data and facilitate discussions with senior management in relation to implementation of the procedures
  • Ongoing monitoring of programs and results to ensure your procedures remain current and relevant for your site
  • Provide assistance in the development and delivery of toolbox talks for your staff on site in regards to heat stress awareness
  • Provide training for onsite staff in relation to ongoing data collection and management
  • Health Impact reports by Occupational Physician


We have assisted clients in a range of settings from the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia through to coal mines in Queensland and underground gold mines in the Northern Territory. Our clients have been undertaking work programs in areas of extreme weather conditions. In the past, other companies who have operated in similar areas had encountered major health problems with large proportions of the work force succumbing to heat related illnesses – requiring extensive medical treatment including IV fluids and medical evacuation.


 heat stress pic 3


4cRisk were engaged to develop a comprehensive program to manage the thermal hazards associated with the work environment, so as to protect the health of the workforce. Our programs have helped to reduce time lost due to the physiological impact of the work environment and an increase in awareness of the effects of working in heat in the workforce.

Thermal Work Limit Monitors

4cRisk also supplies the TWL-1S manufactured by Scarlet Tech. The TWL-1S is an easy to operate, handheld thermal work limit monitor (TWL) unit designed for use in the field to guide the protection of workers in high temperatures and harsh working conditions. The lower the TWL value, the harsher the working environment. Once the TWL has been identified there is a recommended schedule for work, rest and rehydration in order to maximise your workers' safety and reduce the heat related risk in the workplace.

Why TWL-1S?

World Class Instrument
  • Accurate, precise and reliable
  • Excellent Calibration and sensor protection
  • 3rd Party Certification available on request
  • Compact hardware with optimized globe and 360 degree cup anemomiter
  • User friendly interface and data logger
  • Easy-to-use PC software, TWLIT, for downloading CSV data
  • 2 heat indices: TWL and WBGT
  • 5 measures: Air temperature, wet bulb temperature, globe bulb temperature, wind speed, humidity

This unit is designed for self-paced workers who are well hydrated and acclimated to the working conditions.