Manual Handling is Not Just Lifting a Box

4cRisk provides tailored manual tasking awareness training for clients, addressing the inherent manual tasks within roles to ensure relevance and applicability of the awareness training. Our staff will work with you to identify the high risk manual tasks in the workplace and ensure that these specific issues are addressed in the program.

4cRisk experienced staff will provide a tailored awareness training sessions to your workplace, ensuring the delivery of the program meets the needs of your operations. 

4cRisk can assist with a risk audit, completed by our experienced Physiotherapist as well as our Ergonomics Engineer to ensure that mitigation strategies are identified and applied to reduce the exposure of risk in the workplace.

We provide

  • Training tailored to your needs
  • Specific on-the-job awareness training
  • Ensured compliance with the Hazardous Manual Tasks Codes of Practice
  • Audits of your workplace to identify manual tasking risks with review by our Ergonomic Engineer to assist in risk reduction strategies.