Your Provider of Choice for Travel Health

Through our ongoing association with companies working overseas, 4cRisk has a broad understanding of the occupational health risks associated with deploying staff into overseas locations, particularly in regards to the monitoring, prevention and management of local disease issues such as mosquito borne disease, Tuberculosis and communicable conditions.

4cRisk can assist your team to develop programs targeted at managing the risks to your business that will assist in the monitoring and management of diseases with the aim of reducing the impact on your business.

We are able to assist with vaccinations, travel medicine kits and general or specific medical exams depending on your companiy's requirements. On their return from deployment we are able to complete a medical check-up to ensure that all health issues are identified and managed accordingly.

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What we can provide:

  • Assistance with short or long term deployments
  • Complete range of vaccinations
  • Customised medical exams for long term deployments overseas
  • Antimalarial medications and information on managing mosquito borne disease
  • Management of illness on return from deployment
  • Assistance for staff immigrating to Australia with access to medical services
  • Risk audits, either on the ground or desktop, of work locations to assist in the identification & management of issues related to working in remote locations