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Introducing 4cRisk

4cRisk has been providing specialist health solutions for local and multinational organisations across all sectors since 2006. Our highly experienced team supports companies with high-risk occupations, such as those in remote areas, jobs with a greater risk of injury, safety-critical roles, or environments where there is a workplace hazard such as asbestos or dust that requires health monitoring. We also provide occupational medical consultancy services across all sectors, including financial, engineering and service industries.

Working with a multidisciplinary team of occupational health nurses and allied health professionals, we provide a complete range of customisable medical services to meet your unique needs. From pre-employment medicals and statutory assessments to injury management solutions and medico-legal assessments, we can help to ensure that your workplace is compliant with all relevant legislation. Our flexible delivery methods allow us to support you however works best for you, offering both onsite medical clinics and convenient remote assistance.

When you work with 4cRisk, your business is in the safe hands of our team of specialists, including Occupational Physicians and Registrars with a wealth of experience in high-risk industries like energy, mineral resources and construction. Our medical professionals are fully qualified and accredited by industry regulators including RSHQ and QIP to ensure that your employees are fit to perform the inherent requirements of their job roles.

We help companies across a wide range of industries to protect their workers

4cRisk offers occupational health services to industries with high-risk occupations, safety-critical roles, remote working locations and immediate workplace hazards.



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Meet our team

4cRisk is led by highly experienced healthcare professionals and supported by a dedicated operational team.

Dr Kalesh Seevnarain
Dr Kalesh Seevnarain
Director, Occupational Physician
Dr Nicholas Burke
Dr Nicholas Burke
Director, Occupational Physician
Dr Stephanie Wan
Dr Stephanie Wan
Occupational Medicine Registrar
Meisha Kershaw
Meisha Kershaw
General Manager

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